3 Roof Types to Have In Las Vegas

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Using different roofing material affects the comfort, cost, and beauty of your house. Further using the right material can become energy efficient as well. You need to consider the climate and this is why the following 3 roof types to have in Las Vegas are perfect.

However, before we get into the different types of roof’s you need to consider the architectural style of the house. You need to look at the angle of the roof as this determines the use of the correct roofing material.

Concrete Roof

Concrete tiles have a blend of cement, sand, and water. The tiles molded with heat and a high pressure. Furthermore, the tile has interlocking ribs on the edges and water-locks to prevent water penetration. You can buy them in different profiles one with no curves, one that has small curves, and one with large curves.

The great thing about using a concrete roof tile is that you can find them in different designs, colors, and shapes. This type of roof offers a longer lifespan and a comfortable and safe environment to live in. The concrete tile can withstand high winds, hail storms, and are fire-resistant.

With proper installation, the tile is suitable to use in cold and warm climates. Compared to clay tiles the modern concrete tile has the same appearance and design. You can texture the surface, make it smooth, or ragged it to give it blended colors, one color, or a combination of both.

The main problem is keeping the tile maintained as it has a heavier weight with higher water absorption for mildew to form.

Clay Roof

Does your home have a modern and stylish southwestern design? The clay roof tile is perfect for any southwestern styled home. The clay tiles molded and baked and the density of the clays determined by the temperature it is heated. The lifespan of this tile will even outlive the material of the roof it rests on. The tile is durable and does not burn, rot or be damaged by insects.

The maintenance requirement is less and you can get them in different brands, colors, styles, and types. The most common clay tile is the Terra Cotta, while another one is the ceramic tile comprising of spray enamel applied before baking the tile. Furthermore, the tile is environmentally friendly as it is made of clay and recyclable.

With this tile, your roof will get years of protection as it creates an air pocket helping to keep the roof insulated to prevent unwanted cold or heat in the attic space.

Shingle Roof

One of the most popular roof types during the 19th century was the shingle roof. If you have ever seen a Victorian home, then you will know what it looks like. The shingle tile is normally flat or has a curve that interlocks or overlaps to channel water off the roof. The great thing is this type of roof is still very popular and has changed over time. The shingle can be made of fiberglass-based asphalt, slate, or cement. If you are interested in getting a shingle roof Elite Water Damage Las Vegas needs to remind you that this type of roof needs enough pitch to help shed water away.

If you would like to have, your roof repaired, or even replaced contact us today. We can help repair and replace your concrete, clay, or shingle roof to make it last longer.