Best Roofer Las Vegas NV: Steps to Replacing Your Old Roof

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When it is time to replace the old roof of your home, this is a big step. You need to know the process and plan. You want to be certain that this is the right choice for your home. You need the best roofer Las Vegas NV contractor to take care of replacing the roof.

This is where Elite Water Damage Las Vegas comes to your rescue. You know replacing the roof will not only look great, but will also provide you with low maintenance and protect your family for years to come. Before you start, you need to know how to select the right roof and need to hire a professional to get the job done.

Here we have stipulated important information for you to know what a re-roofing project involves and what you can expect when the time comes to replace your roof.

The Roof Inspection and Quote

The first step in replacing or repairing a roof is the inspection by a qualified roofer. Elite Water Damage Las Vegas will inspect and study the structure of the roof supporting system. Once our experts have finished, we will discuss our findings with you.

We will inform you about the condition of the roof and if there are any issues that need taking care off. If repairs are possible, we will recommend it before replacing the whole roof. However, if you want the roof replaced, we will recommend different roofing materials with its pros and cons. You can feel confident that your new roof will meet all the HOA requirements. After completing the inspection, we provide you with a quote.

The citation will have the cost of the project and cost of materials included. We are more than pleased to go over the quote with you and answer questions.

Starting the Project

You have agreed to the quote and once our team arrives at your home, we ensure your property is secure and safe from any harm. This includes:

  • Shielding the siding
  • Protecting the gutters
  • Making sure the plants protected
  • Protecting the awnings, walls, and walkways

We follow the best safety practices to protect our workers, your property, and family from any harm. After everything is made safe, it is time to remove the old roof. This process involves removing old tiles/shingles from the decking underneath. We make sure that all debris removed from the property.

Once everything is removed, we inspect the inside layers of the roof for cracks, missing parts, and repair or replace them. We always deal with structural issues before we install the new roof. No matter what type of tile you have chosen for the roof, we need to prepare it before the final layers installed.

We will lay it out with a waterproof membrane. The membranes placed under the roofing tiles and keep water out. Now we will start the roofing installation. Depending on the materials, you chose the process could vary from one to another. For example, with tiles, we start at the attic and work our way inwards to layer the material to let the rain run off the roof and make it look great.

The last step of the installation is to finish it with flashing, roof fixtures, gutters and more.

Cleanup and Final Inspection

Now that your new roof is in place, Elite Water Damage Las Vegas will inspect it. We want to make sure that everything is up to spec. If there is, any debris laying around on the property we remove it leaving your property clean and clear of any materials that can get in the way. If there is a dumpster, we will have it removed, as we want your property and new roof to look great.

The important thing is that replacing a roof need not be a confusing or complicated process. If you have, questions related to roof replacement make sure to contact the best roofer to take care of your roofing needs. We are standing by to take your calls and answer any questions you might have.