Can Las Vegas Summers Affect My Roof?

Builder or carpenter working on the roof - silhouette with strong back light

In Las Vegas, or the surrounding areas. When you combine the effects of desert heat, heavy dust, rain and wind, this can have a damaging impact on roads, vehicles and other things. This leaves home and business owners thinking, “Can Las Vegas summers affect my roof?”

Over extended periods, this harsh weather can easily cause asphalt to crack, cause paint damage, and tear window screens, among other parts of your home.

Your roof will need extra attention because these are your main defense against everything. They must be able to cope with scorching heat and not leak when monsoon storms are sweeping over.

How Summer Affects Your Roof

Temperatures in Las Vegas can average the low 100’s in the summer months. There are clear skies, which allows the full force of the sun to beat down onto the roof. Older roofs may not have the same protection and haven’t been maintained. These can suffer damage from years of soaking up the hot desert sun.

With prolonged exposure to the intense UV rays, this can weaken a roof and strip away its flexibility. Materials can suffer thermal shock, where they start expanding and contracting depending on the temperatures.

If this carries on, a roof can split and leave gaps, water will leak in, and cause damage and costly repairs.

Las Vegas Roofing Companies Use the Best Materials

Asphalt shingles can be prone to damage from the sun. Generally, shingles will only reflect 30% of the light. The remainder is absorbed and enters your home, thus raising energy costs.

UV radiation reacts with asphalt roofing, causing it to become dry and brittle. As a result, roofs lose waterproofing properties because the sun breaks down oils. Newer asphalt shingles are energy efficient and heat resilient and can fight off the effects of solar radiation.

A reliable local Las Vegas roofing contractor can advise on the use of shingles on your home. Tiles are the preferable roofing materials in Las Vegas. When correctly installed, concrete or tiles can last for decades with minimal maintenance. They naturally insulate and are energy efficient. This allows them to keep homes cooler hotter times of the year. Tiles are resistant to solar rays and will fend off any strong winds and rain.

Metal roofs can also do well in hot regions, as they will reflect the most heat. They are durable and resistant to most kinds of damage. The main problem with metal can be buckling in high winds or leaks if not installed correctly. This material will require professional Las Vegas roofers to install properly.

Las Vegas Inspections and Roof Installations

The best way to know your property is secure is to enlist the services of a local roofing company who has lots of experience in residential and commercial roofing in Las Vegas. To find out more, you can contact Elite Las Vegas Roofing.  With the best record for installing the best quality materials at highly affordable rates, you are safe in the knowledge; your roof will fight off the effects of hot summers and harsh weather for years to come.