Clay Vs. Concrete Roof Tiles, Which Is Best In Las Vegas?

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You may be readying yourself for a new roofing project, or want to know the difference between roofing materials and what they offer your home.

There is a question of Clay Vs. Concrete Roof Tiles, Which Is Best In Las Vegas? There are many benefits with tile roofing as it is, never mind the difference between the two. From beauty, protection to possible energy savings, tile roofs are one of the more popular roofing materials.

The question remains as to which material of roof tile will be best suited to your home.

Here we will see the differences between the two, and how you can get a professional second opinion for the roofing professionals who know about these things.

Completed Roof Weight

The strength of the roof structure will determine the choice of tile in this category. Concrete tiles can weigh between 800 to just over 1,000 pounds per square foot. In comparison, clay tiles weigh in at around 650 pounds per square foot as a maximum.

This shows there is a distinct weight advantage by opting for clay because of the 40% less weight. To be sure either way, you will need the help of your local Las Vegas roof inspection company. They will deliver honest advice so your home won’t be compromised, no matter which tile you finish up having for your roof.

Durability of Each Roofing Tile Material in Las Vegas

For the longevity of roofing materials, there is nothing that can compare to clay or concrete tiles. However, out of these, it is clay that comes out on top. It is durable enough to last through a couple of family generations, although it may need a repair, or other parts of the roof need replacement.

Clay can take on a character all of its own after many years, and no matter how long it is on a roof, it still looks fantastic.

Concrete can last well over 50 years, and unlike clay, they won’t suffer if there is a sudden unexpected frost or if there is an unexpected snowfall. Clay can be susceptible to this, yet it can be that infrequent, there is never an issue.

Tile Roofing Maintenance

Many homeowners thing that because they have durable materials, they don’t require periodic maintenance on their roof. This is far from the case, and it will still be a requirement, although maybe not as frequent.

The waterproof membrane underneath isn’t as durable as your roof, so after some years, or through some adverse weather, this may require attention before your roofing tiles. An excellent reputable roofing company in Las Vegas will advise the state of your waterproof membrane.

Where to Get a Roofing Second Opinion in Las Vegas?

Both kinds of tiles are perfect for a vast number of homes. Clay, however, will come with a cost premium in comparison to concrete. If you are deciding to use either one of these, you are better to speak to local professional roofing companies. A quick chat with Elite Las Vegas Roofing can leave you with a far better understanding of which roof material to choose.