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Roofing and Mother Nature

From the beginning of time man has been trying to keep a roof over the head to stay warm and dry. If we are from the lucky few, we are born into a home with a roof over our head. Eventually we start school, and finally, it is time to begin our survival in the world by working taking care of our family and what do we need – a roof over our head.

Everywhere you go from your home to the shop and work there is one crucial feature seen, and that is the roof. Moreover, one-day nature takes over with rain, sun, storms, or hail and that roof becomes damaged. Do you need a commercial roofing contractor Las Vegas service – Elite Las Vegas Roofing is here to help?

Journey with us and learn how Mother Nature can destroy your place of safety creating chaos – but there is hope.

Roof Construction over the Years

Centuries ago, man used grass, wood, animal skin or anything they could find to keep the rain off them. The Egyptians and medieval societies found a way to plaster a roof with stone. Today, we have advanced abilities to prepare chemicals using petroleum, modified bitumen, asphalt shingles, and the list goes on. The truth is no matter how advanced we become; Mother Nature finds a way to surprise us.

With Global Warming, the storms are becoming more severe, and more frequent. With the changing weather comes a different challenge. Moreover, what does Mother Nature do it removes the roof from our heads.

  • Did you know that a quarter-inch hailstone crashes into a roof at more than 20 miles per hour? For you, that may not seem lethal, but it damages the material on the roof.
  • When you think of a molecule of water, it is small. Did you know that the water slips into tiny spaces and once frozen it expands making the area larger around it?
  • With the freezing and thawing process, it acts as a wedge and makes spaces larger for rainwater to invade your space.
  • Once water accumulates, it promotes microbial growth. The rootless plant digs into the material and starts degrading the roof over time.
  • One of the biggest culprits these days damaging your roof is sunlight especially ultraviolet heat as it breaks down the petroleum and polymer coverings we have created. The heat causes the trapped moisture to evaporate and turns it into gas. Once this process takes place between the layers of the roof, it blows holes in the material to escape.
  • Another factor is the wind that blows across the roof, causes internal air pressure, and eventually uplifts the roof. The wind speed doubles up, and the covering tears off to shreds.

The truth is that we know how hard the roofing industry is working to develop new technology to combat all of the problems above. So what are we as a commercial roofing company trying to do to help with the above issues?

  • Manufacturers are adding polymers and petroleum compounds to resist the impact of damage.
  • They are developing new coatings that help debris to bounce off the roof preventing damage to materials.
  • They have made coatings to use on the roof to help reflect heat, resist fires, and protect it from UV radiation.
  • Even the bonding agents improved making it waterproof to help keep moisture out of the roofing layers.
  • We help improve the drainage system by making the flashing and fasteners more durable making the roofless susceptible to water penetration.

There are several new expansion on the horizon, and you may have a hard time keeping up with all the latest improvements. Call us today. We can help you pick the right materials for your commercial and residential roofing making sure the roofs adequately taken care off.