Does Roofing Las Vegas Need Guttering on my Home?

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If you have a Las Vegas property that doesn’t have any gutters, you may ask yourself if gutters are actually necessary.

Las Vegas is, after all, a desert climate and experiences minimal rainfall generally, and to have new gutters added to your home can cost a fair investment.

Nevertheless, before you make any decision, and think does roofing, Las Vegas need guttering on my home? You should be aware of what gutters will do to help protect your home.

Why Do Homes Need Gutters?

Gutters and downspouts collect rainwater from your roof and direct it away from your home, so it doesn’t seep into your foundations. Gutters also help prevent water from pooling in your yard, and without them, water will collect in low-lying areas and eventually ruin lawns, plants, and other vegetation.

Along with trashing landscaping, uncontrolled rainwater will cause problems under the eaves of your home. Water can fall from these areas, although, with gutters, they would redirect the water away from your house. This can mean more work for local roofing repair Las Vegas.

What Happens When Las Vegas Homes Have No Gutters?

There are several complications you can face if your home comes with no gutters.


Without gutters, you can have a direct downpour on the side of your property. Rainwater will then erode the soil around your home. Once this happens, it can cause the foundation to unsettle and negatively influence the structural integrity of your home. Foundation damage causes uneven flooring and cracked walls, and are issues that are expensive to remedy.


Excessive moisture results in mold growth. You find this does more than damage your home; it damages your health. Gutters help to reduce the chances of water leakage, which leads to mold.


If your home comes with a basement, then flooding can be a significant issue if there are no gutters on your home. Over time, foundations will begin to crack and allow water to seep into your basement.

Problems like this are outside the scope of professional roofers in Las Vegas, but with the addition of gutters on your home, you can eliminate these risks.

Who Does the Best Guttering in Las Vegas?

Having the right guttering for your home is as vital as having guttering in the first place. If it is installed incorrectly, it can cause some of the same problems as not having it fitted. To make sure you have the right Las Vegas roofing contractors fitting your guttering, contact Elite Las Vegas Roofing because they have been helping homes and businesses in the exact same situation.