The Gun Store Las Vegas, NV

If you are after something entirely different to do in Las Vegas, you can do worse than pay a visit to the Gun Store. This was opened in 1984 under a different name. Back then it was called the Survival Store. It has since changed hands and has expanded on what it was initially.

Being world famous for many reasons makes it well worth a visit if you like shooting. It has been the premier indoor gun shooting range for over 25 years. Recently they expanded and had the inclusion of double the amount of shooting lanes available. All being air conditioned, it gives a welcome break from the Las Vegas Heat.

Also included are two new VIP ranges which have 6 lanes in each.

When it comes to the guns themselves, you have so many options that you can choose from. Currently, there are over 60 types of firearms available to you to decide. From pistols and revolvers to shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and fully automatic machine guns.


Target the Gun Store in Las Vegas

Although everything is well controlled and secure, we add a little thing to make it more realistic. Types of targets can vary from you regular bullseye to the silhouettes up to zombies and the terrorist and hostage scenario.

To make sure that nothing goes wrong, a range safety instructor is on duty for each shooter. As we are so concerned about safety, we even make sure that no lead ammunition is used and that any shooter only uses Lead-Freefrangible ammunition.

As there are a lot of Las Vegas locals who visit the range, the range fee is $5 when they are using their ownweapon.

If the range was not enough, they are a full-service accessory firearm and ammunition retailer. All their staff is knowledgeable about all the weapons. No matter if it is in the range or the store, and are more than happy to help you out and ask any questions you may have about guns in Las Vegas.

If you are in the position for purchasing a handgun or sporting rifle, or you are after a way to kill time (no pun intended), fire off a few rounds in the best place to do it. If you have a special event coming up, there are many VIP packages that the Gun Store Las Vegas has on offer.

You might even find, it is the best place for a shotgun wedding.


Gun Classes for Las Vegas

The Gun Store also provides many classes which include the following paid courses.

  • Self Defense and Basic Handgun use
  • Ladies shooting and personal safety
  • Concealed firearm permit course

Due to the dangers of guns in the community. The Gun Store gives a little back and offers free courses at certain times during the week. These are:

  • Firearms Safety
  • Children’s gun safety with “Eddie ”

The gun store caters near enough everyone, from the store to the range and the VIP packages. If you have an interest in shooting. The world famous Gun Store in Las Vegas is the place to visit.


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