How Can I Stop My Las Vegas Commercial Roof Leaking?

Roof Leak Repair Las Vegas NV Home

It doesn’t matter how good your commercial roof may be installed; roof leaks may occur due to such factors as wear and tear. Not only do roof leaks cause attic and roof damage, but they also can cause huge business disruption.

This leads business owners to ask, “How can I stop my Las Vegas commercial roof leaking?” To prevent roof leaks, here are some things that you should always do.

Regular Inspections and Preventative Maintenance on Las Vegas Roofs

The majority of roofing issues can be avoided when they are caught in time. Since roof inspections help identify vulnerabilities and spot minor roof trouble before it escalates, it is advisable to get your roof examined two times per year, or following harsh weather.

While you may be tempted to inspect your roof by yourself, for your safety, you must never go on your roof. A professional roofer is not only trained to notice hidden problems in roofs, but also safety measures to prevent accidents.

Check Flashings and Replace Missing Tiles

The flashing is placed around chimneys, roof lights, vent holes and roof joints to block water from entering the property. When flashings are loose, contain nail holes, or is bent. It presents a risk of letting water in. During the roof inspection, the contractor will check and repair the flashing if it is insufficiently fastened to eliminate leakage and subsequent water damage.

Roofing tiles are hardy, yet some can deteriorate due to age and weather exposure. Therefore, they are prone to cracking or being knocked off the roof during high winds, exposing the roof to the elements. If you notice missing or broken tiles, have it replaced immediately.

Gutters and Roof Debris Free Zones

The gutters work to draw water from the roof. However, debris such as leaves, gravel, and sometimes twigs can block them, letting water accumulate on the roof and cause leaks. Be sure that your gutters are clear of debris to permit the unobstructed flow of water, or get your local Las Vegas roofing contractor to install gutter guards.

Debris on flat roofs will often cause water buildup and moisture retention. This is a recipe for leaks, rotting roofs, algae and mold. You may be able to prevent this from happening by clearing the dirt from your roof and pruning nearby trees and shrubs.

Roofing Contractors in Las Vegas are the Best Solution

There are tons of roofers, but finding one that knows all the issues that can fall on a roof can be hard. In the local environment, one who knows residential and commercial roofing, and what leads to leaks can be a blessing. To be sure, you have the right company checking and working on your roof, contact Elite Las Vegas Roofing, and the professionals will make sure all your property is watertight and healthy at any time during the year.