How Can The Las Vegas Summer Weather Damage My Home?

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The combined effects of the desert summer heat, dust, and monsoon rains and winds can take a toll on our roads, buildings. The combined impact of the desert summer heat, dust, and heavy winds can take a toll on our premises.

Daytime temperatures in Las Vegas average in the low hundreds during the summer, and with clear skies, it allows the white-hot sunlight to scorch everything below.

How can the Las Vegas summer weather damage my home? Read on, and you will find out.

How the Summer affects Your Las Vegas Roof

Persistent exposure to the Las Vegas sun’s intense UV rays weakens the roof and strips it of flexibility. That can cause it to go through thermal shock. Here, it will expand and contract depending on the temperature. This leads to cracks, splits depending on materials on your roof.

Shingles can only reflect up to a third of the sun’s heat. This means the majority is soaking into your home. UV rays cause the asphalt in the shingles to dry up and eventually crack. Now, you lose your waterproofing, and you will need a professional Las Vegas roofer to carry out shingle repair.

Tiles are the Best Roofing Material for Your Home

Once you have a reliable roofing contractor, install a tiled roof. You can see the natural energy efficiency of these. These will help keep homes more relaxed, and they are naturally resistant to UV rays.

Metal roofs come behind these and do well for reflection. The problem here is they can buckle under high winds.

Whichever material you have on your roof, you need an experienced Las Vegas pro roofer who has been around for years.

Buildings and Roofs Need Ventilation in the Las Vegas Heat

Roof ventilation is a fundamental ingredient of efficient roof design and construction. When it becomes heated, heat requires some means to escape from the home. In winter, insufficient ventilation allows moisture to build up in the roof material in the attic where decay and mold may establish.

Warm inside air captured in the attic may cause snow or ice along the edges of the roof to thaw and pass into the gutter and refreeze in winter.

Reliable roofing companies will understand how effective ventilation and roof insulation is for preserving a home and the underlying roof framework.

Las Vegas Roof Inspections are Vital

Before there are any drops in temperature, or heavy rains likely to hit, you can quickly seek the assistance of the best roofing company in the region. After contacting Elite Las Vegas Roofing, you can find a quick survey is all you need to either give you the comfort your roof is in a healthy condition, or you only need a small amount of remedial work.