Las Vegas Roof Inspections: Understanding the Process

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Are you having problems with your roof? It is time to have a Las Vegas roof inspection done by a professional roofing contractor. Elite Water Damage Las Vegas can help you with the roofing inspection before working on the roof. If you are uncertain about the process and it feels like a mystery, we are here to help you understand the process.

We have listed the roof inspection process for you here to help solve the mystery.

What to Expect With a Roofing Inspection

Every roofing contractor has a different way of doing a roof inspection, but there are certain things you can expect when an assessor arrives. Here is an overview of what you can expect:

  • Walking through your home – this needs to be done as the inspector needs to evaluate and examine the attic area, ceilings, and walls for internal problems caused by hail, water or wind. If you feel, there is a drywall or electrical problems, inform the assessor immediately.
  • Walk the boundary of the home – this important step any inspector needs to make. This helps them to note the position of chimneys, flashing points, gutters, and vents. Soon after the assessment all, these essentials evaluated extensively to determine if they need maintenance or repairs done.
  • The external roof assessment – this examination includes inspection of the eaves and sidings of the house. The inspector will check for hail dings, dry rot, and water stains. After this entire process is completed, the inspector will ascend to the roof. They will inspect the construction and essentials found on the roof for common problems such as missing tiles/shingles, broken tiles, damaged chimneys, cracked flashings, open seams, and general wear & tear. They also need to inspect the condition of the gutters, debris, buildup and more.

Here at Elite Water Damage Las Vegas, our roof inspectors will take photographs of the damages from the inside to the outside of the home.

What Should Be on the Roof Inspection Report?

The roofing inspection reports presented to you after a complete inspection and needs to have the following information on it:

  1. A full interior report with the following noted: Is there proper insulation, ventilation, and is there moisture or mold present.
  2. A full exterior report where the inspector noted the following: Is there leaks, the condition of roof tiles/shingles, proper flashing and how does the chimney look if there is one on the roof.
  3. A plan of action in place: The inspector needs to provide you with a written detail and recommendations to solve the problem with estimated costs for each item that needs repairing or replacing.

If you are still uncertain about your roof, contact Elite Water Damage Las Vegas to take care of your roofing inspection and provide you with an inspection report.