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Protective Planning Saves Roofing Costs

As a Las Vegas roofing contractor taking care of your roofing needs, we at Elite Las Vegas Roofing want our customers to save on roofing costs. As a homeowner or commercial business, the responsibility lies with you to determine when it is time to repair the roof or have it replaced.

You may find some cases severe, needs urgent attention and leaves you with no time for planning or ongoing roof management allowing you to take advantage of the best costs of replacing the roof. However, if this is not the case, you can have a flexible plan in place to save money in the end. Here are some protective planning systems you can set in place to avoid unexpected roofing costs.

Project Funding

If you are a business that has preferred times in the year to have roof repairs done, you need to set a schedule in place in advance. You do need to consider some things as the roofing contractor may need to get extra crew with overtime costs to complete the roofing project within your deadline. You need to plan with the correct project funding making sure the contractor and his team can get the work finished in time with affordable costs.

Business Operation Time

Always consider the best time related to your business hours. You do not want the roofing repairs to disrupting your business. Usually, roofing repair contractors discretely and safely perform tasks during business hours. However, some plans need a complete shutdown or even temporary relocation. The best time to consider this type of repairs is during slow periods as the project will not disrupt your income and indirectly cost less. The truth is you can save more on roof construction when buildings empty and before any other assembly done within the structure.


Always take the climate and weather into consideration. Living in Las Vegas with the unbearable heat might not be the best time to have a roof replacement done. The temperature is not only hard on workers but also hard on materials as you may lose an HVAC inside and the building needs protection. The other concern is winter and makes it impossible to fix a roof with the rain except if there is an emergency. Therefore, the best time is during spring before it heats up or in autumn before it starts to rain.


Attention to details necessary to repairing or replacing a roof and you need to allow plenty of time to gather information. Take a roof leak as an example – you need time to assess the condition of the structural supports and decking. Furthermore, you need to consider the extent of damage to the roof. You need time to design and develop a repair best suited for the problem on hand. If you need to replace the roofing material, the contractor needs to evaluate the price of materials and labor to complete a bidding document.

What is a Bidding Document?

A bidding document helps you determine if the contractor you plan on using is capable and authorized to install the roof. They have a permit, insured, and bonded with references from other projects showing they can handle the job. This allows companies to compete for the job at the best price.

The Contract

Once the contractor has submitted the bid, you need to select the company that represents the best value. The completion of the bid approval can take several weeks or months depending on the corporation’s procurement structure. Once the bids approved, it is time to sit with the contractor to review the job requirements with a contract to make sure both of you are on the same page.

Final Thoughts

After carrying out the above steps, you need to obtain a permit from the state if required by the work. You need to get your paperwork submitted and approved. This can take several weeks while others take months depending on where you live. Having a roof management plan in place gives, you time to complete the essential steps when it is time to have a roof repaired or replaced. It will help you save costs compared to an unexpected roof repair that needs you to hurry during peak season to have it fixed. Do you have any questions related to your roof management – contact us today we are more than delighted to discuss it with you.