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Common Roofing Problems You Can Face

As a local roofer Las Vegas company, we here at Elite Las Vegas Roofing have seen common roofing problems you can face. However, by taking care of these problems when they arise you can save money on repairs in the end. You do not want to pay a fortune to have the roof replaced. Here are quick references to a few roofing problems you need to be aware of as a homeowner.

Animals in the Roof

Rodents, insects, and birds are your biggest roof enemy. They make a nest in the attic and cause havoc by eating through wires, wood, and other roofing material. If you notice any animal or insect, roaming your home or hearing noises in the attic or close to the roof it is time to call a professional. The expert can help to evict your pesky roommates.

Poorly Fixed Flashing

Flashing is roofing material made of aluminum or steel and seals the joints and places on the roof. You find it around vents of cooling and heating systems, skylights, and chimneys. The cover prevents conditioned air seeping out and prevents moisture from seeping into the roofing materials. Although flashings galvanized, it can still deteriorate and become damaged allowing moisture through. Do you see a missing flashing? You need to contact an expert to have it replaced.

Blistering and Shrinkage

Under the roof tiles and shingles, you find a roof membrane. The liner offers additional layers of protection and is prone to different problems. One of the most significant problems with the membrane is that it shrinks causing cracks in the upper layer. If you leave this unresolved, it eventually starts to blister and split causing corrosion of the shingles.

Standing Water

Here the important thing is to check the roof after heavy rains. Does the roof show any sign of standing water? If there is, water present and not draining away, you need to have the roof inspected. You may even be able to fix the problem yourself by removing leaves and debris from the gutters. Other times a professional roof repairer needs to take care of the problem – as it may be a more severe concern such as mold growth or water damage.

Contact your Local Roofer Today

Did you find any of these common roof problems in your home contact your roofer today to do an inspection? By having this done, you can prevent expensive roofing repairs in the end.