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A Cry for Help My Roofs Leaking

As a professional roofing service Las Vegas provider, we here at Elite Las Vegas Roofing know how dangerous a roof leak can be. The truth is you do not need to be an expert to know that water streaming from the ceiling is a roof leak. The important thing is you do not need to wait until your roof starts leaking to grab your attention. You need to remain alert. Here we have roofing problems that will ensure that you call us in before it enters your home.

Particles in the Gutter or at the Base of Downspouts

Once you notice shingle, shedding there is no concern for alarm, but when it begins to disintegrate towards the end of the gutter or downspout be concerned. All that this means is that the shingles have reached its lifespan and needs replacing.

Fractured or Turned Over Shingles

If you notice a turned over shingle the roof needs ventilation as too much heat is making it warp on the underside. The important thing is to have a shingle replaced if you notice any fracture in it. If you observe, any missing shingles blown off by the wind the chance is you have a prying rodent or even a tree branch causing damage. The truth is we install shingles with sealant and nails to stay in place for years.

Water Stains

Whether you see water stains on the ceiling or exterior walls, there is water leaking. On the inside of the house, it might be a plumbing problem, condensation, leaking windows, or even a roof leak. If the colors grow darker after rain, the most significant culprit is a roof leak. Another big problem is if you notice stains where the flashing and roof meet and best to call a roof repairer to check it out for you.

Roof Algae

If you notice a blue-green to black algae, growing on the roof in the cool to shadier areas you can have the problem resolved. Contact a roof repair company to have algae-resistant shingles or zinc strips installed. The shingles have a unique fungicide that it releases when it starts raining to prevent algae from growing.

We hope that the steps mentioned here help you to take care of your roofing problem before it becomes a cry for help. Do you have any of these problems discussed here – contact us today to help you take care of your roofing concerns?