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What to Expect When Installing a New Roof

Elite Las Vegas Roofing is your roof installation Las Vegas provider with years of experience when it comes to replacing your roof.  If there is one question customers have asked us many times is what you can expect when installing a new roof – we have all the answers here for you.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

Depending on the extent of the home, it can take up to a day to have the roof up. Do you own a large home? You can expect the project done in two days at the most. There are rare cases found in larger houses when it comes to installing complicated roofs and can take up to three days complete. The reason it happens so quickly is that we have the right labor to get the job done.

What happens before the roofing project takes place?

When we show up to do the work our teams busy working behind the scenes to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  • We will get the appropriate permit for the building department and happens a couple of weeks before we start.
  • We will make available an estimated date to start replacing the roof. You will be notified at least a week before we commence with the work based on the weather.
  • We will have the roofing material delivered to your home at least two days prior the start date in a convenient spot discussed with you.
  • Our team will have a dumpster delivered to the home a day before the start date. With the dumpster in place, we can keep the property clean and clear of debris.

What can you expect during the roof replacement?

You can expect us to arrive any time from 7:00 – 8:00 am. We start by securing tarps to the lower portion of the roof. The tarp hangs down the sides of the home extending into the yard. The tarp protects the house and catches falling debris we remove from the roof.

We remove the existing roof carefully and repair the deck under the existing shingles. Then we clean up the roofing materials as a part of the team takes care of this all day. Once everything is clean, we install the new roof. After completing the new roof, we do a thorough inspection of the roof and the yard before we leave.

Is the roof replacement completed?

No, some loose ends need taking care off. We will arrange for the picking up of the dumpster the next day and have the extra materials removed from the premises. Where applicable we will have the extended manufacturer warranty registered. We will also give you a call for a follow-up visit to get feedback, pick up our yard sign, and say thank you once again for your hospitality.

We hope that the information here helps you to plan and prepare you for your roof replacement. If you have any inquiry not answered here – give us a call our team is always willing to help.