Roof Repair Las Vegas

Are you looking to hire a contractor for your roof repair Las Vegas Project? Before you hire a contractor for this purpose, we recommend that you should first try to analyze the nature of the roof damage. Sometimes, the damage is too small that you can even handle it on your own without spending any extra money.

This is not a joke, you can actually repair the small damages in your roof even if you don’t have any experience. We’ll guide you through the process of inspecting your roof and then we’ll teach you the way of repairing several parts of the roof. Sometimes, it may only take a few minutes to repair a leak. So, why are you concerned about wasting your money while you can easily complete the job on your own?

Here are the tips that you can use to repair a leaking roof:

How to find the roof leaks?

The easiest way of finding roof leaks is to inspect the roof from the area where different stains were appearing after the damage. The roof penetrations are the most important thing that you must look for in this regard. Most of the times, the common source of leaks are the items that are penetrating the roof. Dormers, chimneys, roof vents, and plumbing are the major causes of the penetrations most of the time.

Simply take a flashlight with you to the attic and find the area where damage is caused. Mold, black marks, and stains will direct you to the damaged area. You can use the garden hose to find the difficult leaks in the roof. You must have a helper with you that will stay inside the house to notify you about the dripping of water. Don’t move the hose too soon because this process may take an hour sometimes.

How to fix small leaks?

Fixing the small leaks may get a little bit difficult because stains of water sometimes appear at a distance from the leaking spot. So, you need to take a look at the damaged area very carefully. Once you have found the damaged area, all you need to do is using a frosty nail. This will stop the supply of the water instantly. Don’t forget to include the side-cutting pliers while clipping the nail.

Leaks around the brick chimneys

The brick chimneys may become rusted with the passage of the time and they may become the cause of leakage. So, you must fix them as soon as possible. Slipping a new flashing under the old rusted stuff is a very quick and long-term way of fixing the problem. This will help in completely blocking the damaged area. Another that you can do to block this leak is to install the new flashing after cutting a saw kerf into the mortar.

These are the most useful Roof Repair Las Vegas tips and tricks that you can use to protect your roof from further damage.