Roof Repair in Las Vegas

Flat Roofing Installation Las Vegas NV Office Building

When it rains it pours, or it can do, and this can be the time you find out you have a leaky roof somewhere. The one thing with rain is that it does not care where the hole is. It will work its way into any crevice and make its way to the lowest point.

From here water either pools on the floor, or it drips. Flat roof, sloping roof, concrete tile roof or shingle roof,rainwater does not care, and you will need a roof repair in Las Vegas.


Leaky Roof Repair

You might wonder what can be worse than a roof that leaks. Two things spring to mind, and they are extreme, yet they do happen. You can be the proud owner of a business venture or a homeowner, and you might ask what they are.


Tree Damage

Our roofing experts have made roof repairs to homes and businesses that have had trees fall on their roof. This is by no means an easy roof repair. Trees are heavy,and it takes skill to cut back the branches that are nestled inside your roof.

When this happens, there is a good chance it will be more than any roof repair in Vegas,or further afield around Nevada It will be a roof replacement or a good chunk of it at least, and when this happens, it is sure to be an insurance job.


Storm and Wind Roof Repair

This can happen with residential homes more than you think. A home that might have a watertight set of shingles or concrete tiles, yet there is a part of the roof that a gust of wind keeps gnawing at as it blows a gale.

Before you know it, a gust whips up and catches under the roof, and there is such a large surface area on the underside of the roof it gets ripped from the rafters underneath.

Damage to this extent where the full roof comes off is extreme, yet if it does it will not be a roof repair or a roof replacement, it is time for a new roof altogether.

Roof rafters could be weakened,and none of the concrete tiles or shingles, or even metal roofing would survive a storm or damage to this extent.


Flat Roof Repair in Las Vegas

This roof type is less susceptible to wind damage and is more prone to standing water and leaks that run inside the property. Depending on the type of roof it can be hard to locate the problem as some flat roofsare covered in gravel for protection. Where ever there is a seam that could be torch down roofing or single ply roofing finding a leak is like searching for that needle in the haystack.


Elite Las Vegas Roof Repair

All of our skilled roof technicians can spot these areas that need repair. A tree that is wedged in your roof is easy to spot, yet when something has fallen on your flat roof membrane and punctured it. Now that is hard to find.

It does not matter what kind of roof repair you require in Las Vegas or Nevada our dedicated roof workers have all the skills to have youwatertight and secure in the shortest possible time.

To correct a roof leak all it takes is one quick call to our roof experts and we at Elite will do the rest no matter where you are in Las Vegas.