Roof Windows and Skylights in Las Vegas

Builder or carpenter working on the roof - silhouette with strong back light

Are You Contemplating Natural Light in Your Home?

Many homeowners consider adding roof windows or skylights to their homes to brighten up interior spaces and add value to the home.

However, these windows need selecting and installing with care. If they are not fitted correctly, they will lead to some costly damage. Here’s all you need to know about roof windows and skylights in Las Vegas.

If you are thinking of any of these roof lighting choices for a home or business, then see what the best roof lighting option might be.

Las Vegas Roof Windows Come in Different Types

There are three main kinds of roof windows you can select, and the choice of which may be affected by the kind of roof you have already.

Skylights are usually fixed windows and follow the angle of the roof. They channel light from roof openings inside the rooms where they are situated.

In most cases, these can’t be opened; however, they are airtight. The main use is to make most of the natural light in the building.

Roof windows differ because they can function like regular windows. You can usually open them, where they sit at an angle. Because of this, you find you have a more expansive view. These are perfect for lofts and bedrooms and often used in narrow rooms where there are limits on the wall space.

Dormers are the last kind and are different from the previous ones. You will see these sticking out from the roof, which have a vertical pitch and often sit parallel to the roof. Many types are decorative and seen in traditional looking homes. Nevertheless, you see them on Las Vegas roof replacement projects where they add more room to the home.

Benefits of Skylights and Roof Windows

You may think that windows in your roof will let too much Las Vegas sun into your home and heat it up. However, when installed by local professional roofers, these can often reflect the heat with coatings, or they can have shades covering them on the inside. Most are double glazed, so the heat won’t come in or escape through your roof windows or your skylight.

AT the very least, they will come with a UV rating, and this is more than your usual roof offers. What you will have is a home that is flooded with natural light. This can make the difference to any room, and even at night when you can see the sky, it adds another depth to your home.

Las Vegas Roofing Professionals Know About Roof Windows

If you are thinking of any of these, then you need a professional company to do the installation. A window company can do this as a retrofit, yet there are occasions where flashings are not sitting correctly, and it causes more cost and problems.

Elite Las Vegas Roofing, have over the past decades, helped homeowners bring more light that is natural into their homes. Additionally, there are no water leaks or issues caused because the best roofing company in the region is doing the installation.