Roofing Las Vegas NV

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Install In Las Vegas NV

There is a lot of need for a reliable roofing company in Las Vegas, and these can be on every shape ofbuilding you could ever imagine when you see the designs on some of the casinos that embrace the Vegas Strip and beyond.

That is only half of it, as there are the thousands of homes that require roofing Las Vegas NV and further around the region.


Commercial Roofing

We have completed many commercial roofing projects in Vegas that range from small to very large. We make sure we use the best materials available for all roofing projects. We have the best roofing teams in the industry who know how to complete every roofing project with full attention to detail and in the safest possible manner.


We offer the best results regardless of roof types which can include any of the following:


  • Tpo commercial roofing
  • Flat roofing
  • Epdm/ rubber roofing
  • Shingles
  • Steel roof types


Our professional installation teams follow the plans to the letter and take great pride in any Las Vegas commercial roofing projects they undertake. They continue to smile when they see a casino that has had their expertise in its construction or they have made a repair all those feet up in the sky.

Commercial roofing applications takesa particular breed of a roofer,andat Elite Las Vegas Roofing, we are proud we have the best roofers who are skilled enough to tackle any roofing job they are asked to do.


Residential Roofing

Being another side of the company, any residential roofing project requires the same attention to detail albeit with a little more tender care. Homes are not as hardy as a large industrial or commercial buildings and needa littlefinesse.


Custom residential Roofing

Homes need a different type of product to give them that aesthetic look, so the products are more in line with that kind of roof. All of our products are the best quality and can include any of the following or more:


  • Roofing shingles
  • Slate, Synthetic Slate, Cedar Shake
  • Tiles, Concrete tiles

These can be on any roof shape or size that fits in with the residential roofing design.

Roofs can be flat, low slope or any other angle you can imagine. Our skilled roofing teams work continually around the Las Vegas areas and Nevada, and carry out roof repairs, roof replacements or install new roofs from scratch.


Residential Roofing Job Pride

A job well done can be seen as many of the employees from Elite Las Vegas Roofing live in the very neighborhoods where they work.Every day they have a continual reminder of the prosperous jobs they have completed for many happy customers over the years.

Countless homes have had their curb appeal uplifted at the hands of our skilled roofing contractors, and our customers are as proud of their residential roofs as much as our roofing teams are at having the opportunity of completing them.