Sunrise Manor

Sunrise Manor, near Las Vegas, NV business district center, is an attractive community with many amenities. Residents have easy access to nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment. The community is also known for its excellent schools and healthy lifestyle opportunities.

The neighborhood has been designed to maximize the convenience of certain services that all residents will find useful. These include public transportation, medical services, parks and recreation, libraries, grocery stores, and pharmacies. There are also plenty of residential options ranging from single-family homes to townhouses and apartments in different sizes and styles that accommodate any budget or family size.

Safety is a priority in Sunrise Manor, with a strong emphasis on crime prevention initiatives, such as enlisting local business security professionals to patrol the streets day and night.

Local Attractions

Residents of Sunrise Manor can enjoy numerous attractions within the neighborhood, such as:

  • The Sunrise Manor Aquatic Park. This recreational facility offers various water activities and swimming lessons for all ages.

  • The Sunrise Manor Arts Center. This center is home to art galleries, classes, workshops, and performances by local performers and artists.

  • The Sunrise Manor Community Theater. This theater has been a staple in the community since its inception in 1967, providing quality entertainment with movies and live plays.

  • The Sunrise Manor Public Library. This library offers a variety of materials for all ages, including books, magazines, digital media, and more.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Sunrise Manor is slightly higher than the Las Vegas average. However, this can be attributed to the community's high quality of life. Housing costs range from affordable apartments and townhouses to custom-built homes that can accommodate larger families or those with more luxurious tastes.

Groceries, utilities, and transportation costs are also slightly higher than the average. However, overall expenses remain manageable, making Sunrise Manor a popular choice for those seeking to live in Las Vegas.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options in Sunrise Manor are plentiful. The Regional Transit Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) provides bus and shuttle services throughout the city and a free CAT Bus service to those residing within the district boundaries. Additionally, several car rental companies offer affordable rates for short or long-term rentals.

Overall, Sunrise Manor is an attractive and vibrant community with plenty of amenities and attractions to enjoy. From its convenient public transportation options to diverse housing options, this neighborhood provides an ideal environment for people looking to make Las Vegas their new home.