What are the Best Fire Proof Roof Materials in Las Vegas?

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The region’s dry climates, coupled with strong winds, can make the area prone to fires, which spread easily. When you are building, renovating or re-roofing your home. You will ask your local roofing company to use quality materials that can be fire-resistant.

Roofing plays an integral role in the house’s structural integrity, so keeping it safe and intact is important. Naturally, because of its large surface area, roofs are particularly vulnerable to fire.

Hot embers can settle on rooftops, and the radiant heat can cause roof materials to reach their flash point.  With all of the other ways fires can spread, homeowners wonder. What are the best fireproof roof materials in Las Vegas?

Read on, and we’ll see which roofing materials are best for fighting fires. However, they are not suitable for all types of roofs.

What are the Good Fire Resistant Roof Materials?

Here are the contenders for good fire retardant materials.

Slate: Slate is a natural stone tile that is beautiful, durable, and non-combustible. However, slate is heavy, so a roof needs to support the weight. Slate tiles can also be expensive and need the right skills for the correct installation.

Clay and Concrete Tiles: Clay and concrete tiles are other noncombustible choices. These popular materials can be seen for use in Spanish style architecture. To make sure they offer optimal fire protection, these roofs need preventive maintenance and servicing.

This is most apparent with barrel tiles because there may be gaps between the lower layers and the tile cladding. If your local roofers don’t plug these gaps, then hot embers can blow into and spread to the structural support beams.

Asphalt Shingles: If you have asphalt shingles built on a fiberglass base, these can deliver good fire protection as long as they have fire-resistant under layers. They’re inexpensive, but require more upkeep and the strong Las Vegas sun can affect them.


Best Fire Resistant Roof Materials in Las Vegas

There are two materials, which stand out when it comes to fires. Metal roofing won’t burn, and although it may buckle and twist, it can help to hold the rest of your home in place.

The second choice is CeDUR. This is a synthetic material, which they make to look like cedar shakes. It may not be a major material in Vegas, but the option is there is you want a more traditional look to your home.

These self-extinguish and don’t have much heat transfer through the material. These are high wind rated and don’t split so that they can cover many more issues over time.

Roofing Firms in Las Vegas Know the Best Materials

When you locate the best roofing company, they will advise on the best material for use in your home. You can find many roofing companies will stick with your choice, no matter if it is good for fire or not.

One roofing firm where you are guaranteed the best advice is Elite Las Vegas Roofing. For several years, they have been advising homeowners and businesses, which are the best materials they can use to delay the spread of fire. While it may never happen, when you have a new roof from a reliable roofing company, you also know it will last a lifetime, or as long as it is rated to do so.