What are the Types of Las Vegas Commercial Flat Roofs?

Flat Roof Repair Office In Las Vegas NV

We’re all acquainted with flat roofs, which are on many constructions. But, is a flat roof the ideal option for your building? Flat roofs are very different from the fancier sloped roofs on homes and small developments. 

However, they have many assets in specific places and maybe the ideal solution for new construction. So, what are the types of Las Vegas commercial flat roofs?

When replacing a former flat roof, there are various roofing materials accessible to the Las Vegas roofer so they can satisfy the demands of building proprietors. Here we will see the types of materials available, and see how they care for your commercial property.

Why Have a Flat Roof in Las Vegas?

Flat roofs have several advantages, which make them the best alternative for specialized constructions. More significant buildings and those that require periodic movement on the roof are great. Flat roofs are lighter, less expensive to install and provide an easy entry.

Significantly, flat roofs are not flat. They are inclined to allow rain to drain. However, with a smoother drain than on a higher slope roof, most flat roofs need supporting to be sure they keep the roof materials airtight and sealed to prevent leaks and damage to the building below.

Flat roofs should have a complete annual overhaul by a reliable commercial roofing contractor to look for complications and re-seal surfaces damaged by UV or moisture.

Flat Roofing Materials

Here are the main kinds of flat roofing materials you may encounter.

PVC Membranes

These are flexible and easy to customize. These are laid down in scrims and are a heavy-duty polyester fabric that creates a bonded seal. These scrims are then laminated in UV resistant thermoplastic PVC’s. They are light by nature and can be installed over the top of an existing system within reason.

BUR – Built-Up Roof

These are made from hot tar and gravel. There will be the addition of a possible three layers of waterproof ply. Then on top, the small gravel is laid. The primary advantage of these roofs in Las Vegas is they are affordable. The downsides are they smell, and they are hard to remove if there is more work needed.

Rubber Membranes

An EPDM roof is durable and light. The problem with these is they can be prone to punctures. These are also very hard to locate after they happen. These are too dark in color and will absorb the Las Vegas sun so they can make building hotter than they need to be.


These are a blend of different rubbers and are white. These can reflect the Vegas sun and keep buildings cooler. These can be fully adhered to the roof or attached to a roof deck. This material has superior flexibility without losing durability.

Finding a Commercial Flat Roofing Contractor In Las Vegas

To be sure your property is protected against the elements, the sun is as harsh as any rain. Having the right roofing contractor who can advise is vital. Without beating around the bush in your search, you can contact Elite Las Vegas Roofing, who have been fitting flat roofs for decades on all manner of Vegas flat-roofed buildings.